Lower Division

MILS 100 Leadership Laboratory

Practicum in those skills taught in the classroom during other military science classes in the quarter. To include Small Unit Operations, such as patrolling, air mobile operations, rappelling and weapons qualification.

Some training is conducted on weekends. This course is only open to enrolled Army ROTC cadets. The course must be taken each quarter the student is enrolled in the Military Science program. (1 unit)

MILS 100 series Basic Military Skills

Introduction to the role of the officer, the noncommissioned officer, and organization of the total Army. (2 units)

MILS 200 series Leadership and Management

Introduction to leadership and management which develops technical skills that must be learned in order to perform as a leader. Students master technical aspects that are specific to the military profession. Prerequisites: MILS 151, 152, and 153 or consent of instructor. (2 units)

MILS 260 ROTC Basic Camp (preparation course)

Upper Division

MILS 300 series Small Unit Operations

Current tactical doctrine as applied to small unit operations. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. (2 units)

MILS 400 series Military Law, Contemporary Military Policy, Senior Leadership Seminar

Military justice system, including a history of military law, philosophy and structure of the military justice system, courts-martial and alternatives to courts-martial. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. (2 units)

Contemporary military policy and related subjects of topical military interest, including personal ethics, relevant to the training of junior-level officers. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. (2 units)

Leadership and management problems encountered in a company-sized unit, both in garrison and in the field, with emphasis on role of the junior officer. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. (2 units)

MILS 595 Independent Military Study

A directed reading and research course in contemporary military issues oriented towards a student's transition from cadet to commissioned officer. May be repeated twice for credit. Prerequisites: completion of all advanced military science courses and consent of instructor. (2 units)

Course descriptions are found on page 269 of the catalogue.