Whether you're a college-bound high school student or already attending a college or university, Army ROTC has scholarships available. Scholarships are awarded based on a student's merit and grades, not financial need.
Army ROTC scholarships are valuable in many ways:

  • Two-, three-, and four-year scholarship options based on the time remaining to complete your degree
  • Full-tuition Scholarships
  • Additional allowances pay for books and fees
  • Two-year graduate school scholarships.
  • Nursing exclusive scholarships.

Living Expenses

Army ROTC scholarships also provide monthly living allowances for each school year. You can earn certain amounts depending on your level in the Army ROTC curriculum:

  • 1st year$300 per month
  • 2nd year$350 per month
  • 3rd year$450 per month
  • 4th year$500 per month

This allowance is also available to all non-scholarship Cadets enrolled in the Army ROTC Advanced Course (3rd and 4th year).


Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)
The Army National Guard, Army Reserve, and the U.S. Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) offer the SMP to qualified full time college students who are members of the Army National Guard and Reserve or students willing to join. SMP is a two to three-year program whereby cadets serve in the Army National Guard and attend ROTC classes "simultaneously". Cadets receive a commission as a 2nd lieutenant in the United States Army after completion of a bachelor's degree or graduate degree and the ROTC advanced course. Newly commissioned officers then serve in the Army National Guard, Reserve or on active duty.  Veterans can receive additional financial incentives for their SPM participation and previous service.