• Classes: All the Army ROTC (Military) science majors' are required to take courses designed to provide students with the necessary skills and leadership training to become officers in the United States Army, the Army Reserve, or the Army National Guard. Please visit classes webpage for course requirements.

  • Scholarships: Army ROTC is one of the largest providers of scholarships in the country, making thousands of awards to students every year.Please visit scholarships page for full details regarding the scholarships.

  • Nursing: If you're considering an undergraduate Nursing degree, joining Army ROTC can enhance your leadership skills and critical-thinking abilities while providing financial support to help make your professional goals a reality. Being a Nurse in the Army provides you with opportunities not found in the civilian world. As an Army Nurse and Officer, you will have the respect of your peers and coworkers, as well as opportunities to train and serve in a variety of specialties. Please visit Nursing page for a detail list of opportunities.

  • Branches: There are various branches that you can be affiliated while being in the program and also after graduation from the program. Please visit Branches page for complete list of affiliated branches.

  • Special Schools:

    Ever? jumped from an airplane 1200 ft in the air with a 100 extra pounds?

    Ever ....

    If not then visit Special Schools page for the exciting opportunities available for ROTC majors.

  • FAQ: Before contacting us with your questions and queries, please visit FAQ webpage for general questions regarding the program.

  • Links: Please visit Links page for some helpful and informative links.